Zachary’s Diy FireStarter’s

Zachary would like to share his process of making a great recycled paper FireStarter’s for your camping enjoyment!

Using some old paper sales. Zac prefers the Bass Pro Shop ones.

He starts by rolling one up and tying them with some thread three times in the middle and each ends.

Using strong kitchen scissors he cuts them up in three.

Zac has been using scentsy wax that is not being used at home. One can find wax on amazon or locally.

With help from a parent Zac gently heats up the wax in a pot on a stove or bbq.

When the wax is liquid he drops the rolls slowly holding the thread for a few seconds then brings it out to lay on some newspaper etc.

When they are hardened after 5-10min he carefully bags them up using a paper brown bag and slaps a printed logo with some info to make it nice to sell to campers.

In case you would like to skip the diy and get some already made Dieppe local 9 yr old Zachary has been making and stocking up some paper Fire Starters give us a shout if you like to order some free delivery in Dieppe, Moncton Region (pack of Five for $5.00) (506) 855-7285 or email

They were a hit and his getting repeat customers, Zac been saving up his money for a trip to Ontario Wonderland.

  • -Recycle Paper
  • -Scentsy Wax
  • -Burn over 13 Minutes
  • -Includes a pack of matches.
  • -Moon Phase 2020 (Printed in Back)
  • -Locally made !

Online ordering is Open Visit —> goDieppe Store

If you have some locally made products we can add it to the blog and online store. contact us

Happy Camping !!!